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There's much more to ThyssenKrupp Access than simply the products we design and build. The ThyssenKrupp family includes employees from design to manufacturing, sales to marketing, service to installation. But no matter what they do, everyone is a part of the ThyssenKrupp brand and our global commitment to providing unparalleled quality and guaranteed satisfaction.

So when you purchase a ThyssenKrupp Access product, you can rest assured that the people who you allow into your home are accessibility professionals who will treat you, your family, and your home with care and respect.

What to Expect

  1. ThyssenKrupp Access-certified professionals will survey your home, talk to you about your particular needs, and determine the best location for the equipment to be installed.
  2. Any surrounding furnishings will be noted and protected wherever possible.
  3. Your accessibility equipment will be installed quickly and professionally by ThyssenKrupp-trained technicians, and with as minimal interruption to your life as possible.
  4. Equipment will be tested and product usage demonstrations provided to ensure a clear understanding of all features and operation.
  5. Any areas affected by the installation will be cleaned, debris and packaging removed, and your home returned to you in good condition.

If you have specific questions about your installation, please contact your local ThyssenKrupp Access dealer, or you can review our Frequently Asked Questions.

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